Hello, I'm Flavien Bonvin

I'm a software engineer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Curently working at Proton

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Hello! I'm Flavien Bonvin and welcome to my blog! I've been working as a frontend engineer for quite some time now, crafting user-friendly interfaces and optimizing web performance.

My early career was spent at an agency called Coteries, where I honed my skills and learned the ins and outs of web development.

After some time, I wanted to contribute towards a product that I could help grow over time. That's when I joined Proton, a Swiss-based privacy-focused company that wants to build a web where privacy is the default. It's a mission I can identify with, and one that offers endless learning opportunities!

Jumping from project to project in an agency was not my cup of tea. We often had to cut corners to meet budget and deadlines, and we didn't always see the fruits of our hard labor. I realized early on in my web development journey that I need to see the value, the essence of the feature to enjoy working on it. Offering a stellar experience for users is what motivates me the most and what drives me.

I'm currently working on Proton Mail, which is the very first product Proton released in 2014 and one of their flagship. You might think that email is not exciting and is an outdated technology. I disagree! Emails are deeply rooted in our lives and are an essential tool for communicating between companies, managing our online identities, and handling private exchanges. Working on one of the cornerstones of the internet is really exciting.

Web development is just one of my passions; I have many more! This is why you can find two main sections in this blog: dev, where I share my technical knowledge and experience, and beyond, where I explore my other interests. In the "beyond" section, you'll find reviews of coffee machines, productivity tools I can't stop myself from testing, and takes on subjects I'm sure to disagree with in a few years.

That's a lot of information about my current self. What about my origins? As mentioned above, I currently live in the beautiful city of Lausanne, nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva and surrounded by jaw-dropping vineyards. I've moved there to do my Master's degree and never left. However, I was not raised in a city; I grew up in a small village nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Although beautiful, I decided to leave my village and the mountains behind and enjoy their majestic presence from the other side of Lake Geneva.

You can find me on 𝕏, my user name is @FlavienBonvin. I'm also on GitHub, or even LinkedIn. Finally, feel free to drop a message at hello@flavienbonvin.com.